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Embracing values is critical to sustainable growth. 



Decarbonizing our energy is no longer optional but rather essential because fixing the planet is not an extravagance but an indispensable need.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We embrace these values not because they sound nice, but because we believe they are strong drivers for innovation. They uncover different perspectives and challenge previous biases.

What do we do?

We solve the conspicuous absence of wind energy at a distribution-generation scale, thus helping businesses, homes, and communities to benefit from free and abundant on-site wind resources.

Why do we do this?

Because we care!  There is no time for second thoughts, just as there is no second Planet to call our home.

How do we do it?

We created a modular and hyper-efficient wind energy system for distributed generation that reaches the same levels of efficiency as the gigantic windmills but at a fraction of the size, thanks to its capability to accelerate wind speed, working with a unique magnetic levitation rotor and a cutting-edge direct generation system. 

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